I’m a passionate advocate for data analysts and am well known in the Data Community for writing beginner-friendly blog posts, teaching, and mentoring those who are new to the tech industry. In fact, my post, ‘AWS from A to Z,’ is one of the most popular AWS posts ever on Dev.to where I support the Data Community as a moderator and contributor.

An AWS Certified Cloud Practioner, I am one of AWS’s very first Data Heroes, part of a new category created to represent a “community of developers, IT leaders, and educators with a shared passion for analytics, database, and blockchain technologies.”

What I do

I interpret the story behind the numbers, create useful content, and deliver projects that solve problems and empower users.

data analysiscontent creationcloud computingdata education

Recent features

My posts are featured on newsletters around the tech world. I get a kick out of seeing them in the curated lists of industry leaders and hearing that what I write has helped others.

Where to find me

I’m active in the Data Community on Twitter and a Distinguished Author on Dev.to. You can find me as a community moderator and contributor of beginner-friendly articles on SQL and AWS.

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