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Beginner-friendly posts on relational database basics, ad hoc analysis, and reporting.

Entity relationship diagrams

On first glance, Entity Relationship Diagrams may look like a spaghetti mess. This post hopes to demystify how they fit together with Sonic the Hedgehog

Pearl Jam, Nirvana and beautiful data visualisations

This is the story of the Seattle music scene of the 90s, Throwback Thursday, and some beautiful data visualisations.

Search with system tables

Your database doesn’t just contain your data. It also contains data about your data.

A database is like a dance class

This week I got to thinking, a ballet class is a good way to describe database concepts.

SQL concepts from A to Z

This post covers the SQL concepts that pop up during training. If you need a refresher or have a junior analyst in your life who needs a resource to refer to, keep reading.

Resources for new analysts

Everything you need to get started with SQL and becoming a great data analyst.