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Posts on leading, building and training teams.  You don’t need to be a manager to make a difference and lift up the whole team.

How to onboard new teammates

Onboarding is often an afterthought and something you may not do often. Making it a formal and repeatable process is just as important as all the work that goes to recruitment.

Hiring a data analyst

Everything you need to know about identifying and hiring Data Analysts in one handy guide

Designing the data team

Whatever your reasoning for a Data Team there is some planning and some tough questions to ask yourself before you engage a recruiter.

Tips for successful projects

How to gather stakeholder requirements and run successful projects without burning out or ending up doing nothing well.

What your interviewer really wants to know

When it comes to the tech interview, the interviewer is looking for not only technical knowledge but cultural fit, and how you communicate.

How to rock your first tech talk

If you take nothing else from this post, remember that people are there to see you succeed. You have something to offer and should give a tech talk a try.