AWS re:Invent 2020 sessions to look forward to

This post has been updated to include the videos now they are available on the AWS YouTube channel

AWS re:Invent is kicking off this week and this year it’s virtual.

Everyone can take part and tune into sessions, keynotes, and leadership sessions at a time that works for them. There will be tracks for data, analytics, and business intelligence so plenty for data enthusiasts to look forward to.

Usually, there are guides published telling you to pack comfy shoes, stay hydrated, and plan breaks in your busy schedule. Most of that still applies this year but there will probably be fewer steps over your week.

I’m looking forward to getting comfy at home and tuning in for announcements on all things data with these sessions at the top of my list.

Enabling analytics at scale at Intuit
What’s new in Amazon RDS
Serverless analytics at Equinox Media
Data modelling with Amazon DynamoDB
How Disney uses fast data ubiquity to improve customer experience
What’s new with Amazon Redshift
How Redshift powers large-scale analytics for
New use cases for Amazon Redshift

The right tool for the job: Enabling analytics at scale at Intuit

3 Dec 14:30 NZT

Intuit’s migration from an on-premises data centre to an AWS data lake required creative solutions, both in technology and culture. This session walks through how the company worked with AWS to tackle these challenges using Athena, EMR, and Glue.

What’s new in Amazon RDS

3 Dec 15:15 NZT

See all the new capabilities launched for Amazon RDS across different engines and review the latest available features.

Serverless analytics at Equinox Media: Handling growth during disruption

3 Dec 16:45 NZT

As COVID-19 spread, Equinox Media recognised the need to fast-track the launch of Variis, its online fitness streaming platform. Hear how Equinox Media leveraged a highly scalable, serverless data platform. With services such as AWS Glue, Amazon Athena, and Amazon Kinesis they ramped up in a matter of weeks.

Data modelling with Amazon DynamoDB – Part 1

3 Dec 18:15 NZT

Alex DeBrie is an AWS Data Hero, recognised for his work with DynamoDB, and author of The DynamoDB Book. See how modelling with DynamoDB is different from a relational database, and some foundational elements of data modelling with DynamoDB.

How Disney uses fast data ubiquity to improve the customer experience

4 Dec – 15:15 NZT

In this session, you will learn how Disney+ built real-time data-driven capabilities on a unified streaming platform. This platform ingests billions of events per hour in Amazon Kinesis Data Streams. Then processes and analyses that data in Kinesis Data Analytics for Apache Flink. And finally, uses Kinesis Data Firehose to deliver data to destinations without servers or code.

What’s new with Amazon Redshift

10 Dec – 16:45 NZT

This session covers the architectural evolution of Redshift and how it uses machine learning to create a self-optimising data warehouse. Learn about recent performance, concurrency, elasticity, and manageability enhancements that deliver unmatched value to users.

How Amazon Redshift powers large-scale analytics for

10 Dec – 17:30 NZT

Hear how is using Redshift and how it upgraded to the new RA3 nodes with managed storage to keep up with data growth.

New use cases for Amazon Redshift

10 Dec – 18:15

Learn how Redshift enables new use cases that make data available and meet business-critical SLAs while minimising complexity and cost.

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